First United Methodist Church

Winchester, VA
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Outdoor Worship

Sundays @ 10:00 AM
362 Apple Pie Ridge Road | Winchester, VA 22603

Online Worship

Sundays @ 11:00AM
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On the Move for Christ

As we continue to navigate through this season of pandemic, First UMC is bearing witness to how God is on the move in our community.
We are a church that is on the move for Christ, growing roots with God, branching out towards others, and seeing the fruit that comes from a life with God.
You are welcome to participate in the community of people that make up our church, be it online throughout the week or outdoors on Sundays.

Serving Together

Help support our local small businesses
and their employees by collecting
non-perishable food items. 


Our current worship series explores ways that we can practice relenting our lives to God’s will without giving up who we are.

Our Future

Learn more about First UMC’s story
of being a church on the move for Christ
in Winchester and Frederick County.